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Only legends can understand this last born spirit. See funny cartoon joke that would make your day

Hey! Welcome to Bravehink page, I hope you have followed us? If not don't forget to do so.

I would be sharing with you a funny cartoon picture stories that depict how last born behaves towards their elder ones which always end up making them get punished for false allegations.

I believe many of us have fallen a victim to this act of last born in one way or the other.

It is a common practice by all last born who feel they are special and could get the backing of anyone in as much as they could fake their cry so well.

I remember how I got spanked for nothing by my mom just because I refused to give my kid brother from the biscuit I bought with my money.

My kid brother who hate taking drug no matter how sick he was took drugs just for him to pretend I hit him on the head because I refused to share my biscuit with him. I can never forget the beatings I got from my mom and dad.

I know you might have hour experience too.

Enjoy this story to remind you those days of injustice.

Only legends could really understand this last born spirit.

Did you experience this too?

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