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After We Went For Vacation On The Beach I Took My Eyes Off My Baby And This Happened(Fiction)

Have you ever made a mistake that you don't think you can ever forgive yourself ? Me, my husband and our 5 years old baby, Anabel went for vacation abroad and what happened has made me regret even agreeing to go in the first place.

Here's my story.

My name is Ruth and I am a 29 years old Nigerian. I was 24 when I married Brian, a white man who came to Nigeria to head the branch of the company he works for abroad. We have a 5 years old daughter, Anabel and she looks so much like her father.

Ever since Brian and I got married, I had never gone with him to his country and we have lived happily for 5 years here until last month when Brian got a leave at work and insisted that we went abroad for vacation. At first I wanted to decline because my business here needs my undivided attention but I considered the fact that my baby needs to know her fatherland and I also needed to know where the man I married is from.

We left for his country and once we got there, it was incredible. Beautiful places, and a very large beach where millions of people come to chill. I begged Brian to take us to the beach and he was hesitant because he felt there was going to be too much people there, being that it was weekend. I insisted and he had no choice but to agree.

When we got there, he went away for a moment to get soda and i was carried away by some girls who were playing volleyball on the beach. He came back with the soda and asked where Anabel was, surprised as I was, because she was right there with me and looked around and she was gone. Nowhere to be found.

We searched and searched for her all day and couldn't find her. There was too much crowd. Then we called the police and after 6 hours, a parent called the police to report that their 6 years old boy is with a girl they don't know. And she's been with him for more than 5 hours. The police went over with us tagging along and to God be the Glory, it was my sweet little baby.

I can't begin to imagine what I'll do if we hadn't found her. Just help me thank God.May our children not go missing in Jesus name.

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