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Steps On How To Apply for Big Brother Naija 2021 Show

Be inform that the big brother Naija prize for this year is N90m, and I know a lot of people want to apply for it but don’t know-how. Applying to participate in Big Brother Naija is not as difficult as you think. It has a process that is similar to a lot of reality shows around the country, and it requires a lot of tact and attention to details. This article will lead you through the steps of applying to become a Big Brother Naija star.

Why Apply for Big Brother Naija?

1. Big Brother Naija is currently the most popular in the country. It has a lot of fanbase and watchers. When the show airs, political events and celebrity gossips are usually paid less attention to, because Big Brother Naija dominates blogospheres and social media. It is the most talked-about event. So participating in the show will give you enough publicity and fame than any other platform.

2. The prize money is enough to catapult you into an instant millionaire. If you get to clinch the grand prize of 60 million Naira, your life will be transformed. There is a lot of consolation prize for grabs.

3. You will get to meet new people and forge relationships that will benefit you for a lifetime. Big Brother Naija is known for its sizzling romance and lot more.

4. Big Brother Naija is easy to win. It demands no specific ‘performance skill’ like singing or dancing skill. It is realistic as it thrives on authenticity and reality. The contestants must win over the audience by being who they indeed are. So the most significant takeaway on winning Big Brother Naija is just to be yourself!

Big Brother Naija Application Requirement

The forms for Big Brother Naija is currently not on sale. So it is entirely unclear what the requirements will be for this year, but from the requirements of the last edition of Big Brother Naija, you can see that the ‘eligibility factor’ is very straightforward.

To apply for Big Brother Naija,

You must be:

  • A Nigerian.
  • Be healthy, physically and mentally.
  • Be above twenty-one years.
  • Possess an international passport.
  • An active DSTV or GOTV subscriber.
  • Complete an online application form and create a video of yourself

How to be prepared for Big Brother Naija audition

Do you enjoy watching Big Brother Naija and imagine how you can compete against other hundreds of thousands of audition contestant and win? Well, here’s how you can prepare for Big Brother Naija and win the audition process:

Find your ‘selling point’

Big Brother Naija does not select boring, dry and dull personalities as contestants. They are not after candidates who are experienced or wealthy. What they are looking for is a candidate who has a fantastic personality that can increase the show’s value. To discover the things that make you unique and makes you different from thousands of contestants. Do you have big breasts? Show them off. Do you have six-packs? Flaunt it. Are you coming from an interesting background? Ensure you enumerate them.

But, ensure you don’t lie or make up stories about yourself to sound unique.

Prepare answers for tough interview questions

Big brother Naija auditions are like job interviews. They involve a lot of interview questions, but the questions are very personal. You will asked tough interview questions to discover how unique you are. We covered some of Big Brother Naija audition questions in the article below. Ensure you read it to prepare.

Practice speaking in front of the camera

Big Brother Naija is not for shy and frightened persons. Throughout the show, cameras will be on you 24/7. So in order to improve your confidence, you have to practice or do your preparation in front of cameras, ensure you pronounce your words eloquently and listen to how it sounds to your hearing.

Prepare your material

Ensure you are well prepared. Do your rehearsal daily. Stay away from sugary drinks or even hire a trainer. Ensure you sharpen your diction, improve your knowledge of current affairs and watch motivational videos you can have your family members watch you as rehearse so they can correct your mistakes.

Good luck as you prepare your mind and heart this year mouth watering show.

Content created and supplied by: Precious24 (via Opera News )

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