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Read Redeemed Pastor, PDaniel Olawande's Innuendo Response to Daddy Freeze and David Ibiyiome Saga

Pastor Daniel Olawande popularly known as P.Daniel is a Pastor at RCCG Living Seed Church and Preacher of God's word.

He also has decided to take his stand for Salvation Ministries General Overseer, Pastor David Ibiyiome in the ongoing debacle between him (David Ibiyiome) and Daddy Freeze.

See PDaniel's response below


I remember growing up in my primary and secondary school days

If you insult me I won’t mind but if you insult my father or my mother ah ah ah, we will die there oooo

I remember words like your father, iya eee, I will never take it, never I mean never allow any man speak against my parents, they might be wrong oo but to insult them to my face is not allowed.

If my parents are wrong, I will correct them in honour in the secret not bring them out to the public face and expose their nakedness.

Parents are not always right at times but they are also never a object of ridicule in the public.

I have seen my parents being wrong and I know sometimes their decisions might not be totally correct but I will never dishonor them, neither will I ridicule them in the public nor allow anyone to do that to them.

Wise sons rise to talk when their parents are brought to shame and ridicule, defend them but yet go to correct them at home with honor not arrogance.

I will never raise my voice against my parents talk less of cursing them, I will never do it to another persons parent too so you don’t have any right whatsoever ever to curse my parents.

If I don’t agree with what your father is doing I will teach my own people what I think is right and correct perceived errors but to curse and use defaming words is never an option.

My parents include Biological, in-laws and Spiritual

I hope this is clear

I see a burning generation


To those who are not aware of the issue on ground, here's a brief summary:

Daddy Freeze who is an on air personality, and popularly known for his criticism against popular pastors, spoke against Bishop David Oyedepo's post where he(Oyedepo) stated that one vital key to marriage is submission on the part of the woman.

Daddy Freeze however wrote against the post, something that didn't sit well with Pastor David Ibiyiome who in a video referred to Daddy Freeze as a bastard and threatened to kill him and get him arrested.

Daddy Freeze also in turn responded in a video that Pastor David Ibiyiome insulted his mom by calling him a bastard and that the pastor should be held responsible if anything wrong happened to him.

That's just a brief summary.

Now so many people have taken sides, some for Daddy Freeze and others for the pastor. Pastor Daniel Olawande has stated his view on the issue, Let's hear your own view in the comments section below.

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