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BIRTHDAY WISHES: "Happy Birthday To You, Favour"- Ozirity

Adimoha Favour Celebrates His 16th Year Birthday

Celebrating a birthday is special. It’s a day that only comes around once a year, and for this reason it should be a memorable one. Without our friends, life would be very dull. It is a wonderful thing when people from different backgrounds can come together and become friends.

Birthdays are often times, the day we celebrate the day we were born. It's always filled with happiness and joy. Today is another 17th July to celebrate a friend and a brother, Adimoha Favour [ FAVOUR KINGS ].

He is from Onitsha, in Nnewi South Local Government Area. He is schooling at Master's Vessel Seminary Osumenyi. Today marked his 17th years of existence on this planet Earth.

Ozirity, facilitating with Favour, has prayed earnestly that God will bless him(Favour) abundantly and climax all his efforts with a resounding success. He further said,

"Happy birthday to you, Favour. May you live long. More credit alerts. May God sustain you on the path of righteousness and supply all your needs according to His riches in Glory. Accept my congratulations on your new age".

See more pictures of the celebrant below:

See more of the birthday wishes:

📌 May your path ahead be filled with all the love and success you deserve. Thank you for all you do for me.

📌 Happy birthday to someone who I could not imagine life without. You are one of a kind! Thank you for everything, and enjoy your special day today.

📌 The impact you’ve made on me is worth a million birthday spoils and more. Happy birthday – may you be blessed with fulfilled dreams and happy thoughts.

📍 Happy birthday to you once more.

Celebrate this young man with me, he is indeed a friend and a brother.





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Adimoha Adimoha Favour Master 's Vessel Seminary Onitsha Ozirity


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