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PHOTOS: Tacha is trending on twitter, see what her fans are saying about her.

Tacha and Kim Oprah who have unresolved issue after the end of Big Brother Naija show last year are live on national TV discussing the issue, while people are saying that Tacha should let go of her pride and apologize to Kim Oprah.

This is trending on twitter. Check out people's comments "Tacha should realized a lot of people are looking up to her as their role model and act as one.Deceiving ur follower with such attitude is not known for a queen and beautiful lady like u.putting others down in order to trend is wickedness.

Apologize to Kim and let go pride."

"Tacha is that lady that has really inspired me a whole lot. Kim deserves NO apology because she has equally spoken negative things about Tacha. However, there is no prove to the accusations laid on Tacha. If it was the other way round, you would've said Tacha is lying."

"Has she apologised to Tacha for every insensitive thing she said about Tacha in her interview, I guess you people have selective amnesia too. Kmt."

"The Tacha as a person is totally delusional, maybe the person carrying the body is ok, oh we don't know how to settle the matter between the body and the name/ personality 🤣".

"Tacha's presence dey pepper Kim for goodness sake she barely stayed two weeks in the house, titans will always support her, so please Mrs bitter queen please no use tacha shine abeg."

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