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Remember the Black Pastor Who Dyed His Hair? See Lovely Photos of Him In His Dyed Haircut

In Nigeria, there are a lot of controversies regarding the standard dressing of a young person. While modesty is very important in our dressing habits, some Nigerians have taken it too far by discriminating and paying more attention to trivial things like dyed haircut, ragged jeans and even skin tight trousers. While sagging, wearing of nose rings, wearing short and revealing clothes can be considered as overkill and immodest, some have gone so far to preventing their children from wearing skin tight trousers, keeping high hair and the likes.

The assumption is when you dress in these manners, you are a cultist or a gangster. Sadly, this discrimination has even reached our church environment. It is no wonder, therefore, that some Nigerians lashed out when black pastor, Travis Greene dyed his hair with a touch of yellow.

Travis Greene was born on the 17th of January, 1984, making him thirty six years old. He is American by nationality and is married to Jacqueline Gyamfi Greene, a Ghanian woman. They have a son named David Jace Greene. He pastors Forward City Church in Columbia, South Carolina. He is also a gospel musician, having sang songs like Intentional and Nara, alongside Tim Godfred.

In today's article, I will be presenting us with lovely photos of the pastor in his dyed haircut. Maybe after viewing it, we may reconsider our options about criticising him, although I will comment on it after the photos.

One thing is sure here. The pastor looks amazing in his dyed haircut. Looking at the photos above, we tend to see that his sense of fashion fits him and doesn't portray him as immodest in any way.

Before we end, lets note a few things about the pastor. We all know of the song Nara, which was spirit filled and led many to Christ. Travis co-sang the song with Tim Godfred and God used that sacrifice to save millions. This shows that God looks at the heart of a man. Do note that verified sources confirm that Kirk Franklin, one of the most spirit filled pastors in America, looked into the life of Travis Greene and announced to the world that God would use him mightily. Don't get me wrong, dressing is very important but we can see that dying of hairs doesn't make one immodest. Its how we act out in this dyed hairs that speak out for us.

Moreover, his sense of fashion doesn't really concern anyone else, therefore criticising him would not add or subtracte anything to his life. In essence, while we also consider our outside appearances, our spirit lives should be the upmost consideration. A man who wears senators all his life but has an unclean heart will still go to hell while that youth with a dyed hair that chose to follow God faithfully will still make heaven. God looks at the heart.

How do we view his photos? Whats your say on his dyed haircut? Do share in the comment section.

Reference: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Alarmy Stock Photo and other sites available on Google Chrome.

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