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Haskell Chose Sex Stories Over Range Rover Brand Deal

What is it with celebrities being so open about their sex lives? James Haskell may have dropped the ball really heavily as he lost a very lucrative brand deal with Range Rover. The star of the show I’m A Celebrity told the press that he was ditched by Range Rover because owners of these cars do not like reading about his sexual adventures.

It is known that James and his gorgeous wife Chloe Madeley are quite open about their lives behind the bedroom doors. Just recently, they have been boasting about having a sex marathon. Well, it just cost them over $140 thousand a year.

James told The Sun that he received an email from the managers of the company. The letter contained a message that his contract was terminated. Like many celebrities who prefer joking around, he decided to ask whether owners of Range Rovers have sex. His reply was left without any attention from the company as it remained silent ever since on this matter.

At the time, the star and his girlfriend are staying together in self-isolation and, presumably, engage in all sorts of sex games. Whether this news will affect their finances is hard to tell. So far, the star has been more joking about what happened and did not try to reach back to Range Rover.

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