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Fiction: He Lost His Life Because He Failed To Listen To His Daughter

One thing we always get wrong is thinking that we know everything more than our children. Have you wondered how they survived for 9 months in the womb?

The story goes like this:

A man was about to go to work, his daughter came out crying uncontrollably, when he asked the daughter what the problem is, she told him not to go to work but he refused.

The daughter kept crying, so he decided to outsmart the little angel not knowing that he was outsmarting himself. So he took the daughter inside and promised to take her out when he comes back. So he went out through the back door without the daughter knowing.

He works in a company that melts iron, so that very day, some melted iron poured on him, he left the world immediately. Now this is the most touching part of the story.

Immediately he left the world, his spirit quickly went to his house, when he got there, his wife was very surprised to see him because he doesn't come back that early. He took his children to a nearby ice cream and bought them ice cream and a lot of things, he handed over his ATM card to his wife and told her the pin, the wife was very surprised.

He told his wife that he is coming, immediately he left, the wife received a call from his working place that her husband is no more, she couldn't believe it, the man that just left the house a few minutes ago? ( The End)

Every child cries the very first day he or she came into this world, do you think it's natural? Of course not, there is super natural power behind that, God is in charge of everything on earth, that is why he gave you that child, so always listen your children.

Don't think you are wise, if you think that you are wiser than your children, then you should also note that your children are spirit, I mean innocent spirits, they see and hear what you can't hear. They have not committed any sin compared to an adult. Listen to your children and you will succeed.

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