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Apart From Walking On The Sea, See Other Stunning Magics Performed By Dynamo (Photos)

Apart From Walking On The Sea Like Jesus, See Other Stunning Magics Performed By Dynamo (Photos).

Dynamo is a young magician who goes by the real name of Steven Frayne, although he rarely uses his birth name when appearing in the media, as he is popularly known as Dynamo.

In June 2011, Dynamo performed an incredible magic of walking on the sea without sinking, which left most Londoners in shock.

However, Apart from walking on the see just like the way Jesus did in the Bible days, Dynamo has performed a lot of incredible magics.

In this article, I have gathered few photos of some of the incredible magics performed by the young British magician, Dynamo.

So, apart from walking on the sea like Jesus, below are photos of other incredible magics performed by Dynamo;

Walking on sea.

Hanging on the air, while holding a bus.

Balancing on air.

What! Holding his head on his hand.

What do you think about this? Do you consider it to be a work of the devil or Talent?

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