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Movies Vs Reality: See Some Film Tricks And Their Real Life Scenes

When I was a child, I always taught acting was real and sometimes I will cry bitterly when my best character in a movies dies.

Do you ever wonder how those special effects, you see on your screen, or rather film tricks are made.

Actors go through alot, some even end up sustaining different degrees of injury while preparing movies. It sure is no easy task. I have gathered some pictures of movies and the real life scene.

You see those superheroes in movies, that children always want to be, in real life they are just ordinary human like you and I, and they experience the same thing we do.

Here are some of pictures of these film tricks versus reality.

Film tricks form the backbone of any film that would be deemed interesting by those who watch them.

I do appreciate the effort of these producers and actors. What do you have to say about film tricks.

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