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Meet The Man Who Suddenly Stopped Growing After He Was Born

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Set your minds ready as I tell you all you need to know about the man who stopped growing a year after he was born.

Manpreet Singh was born in the year 1995 in India. After a year he was born, he immediately stopped growing. He was said to have weighed 11 blbs when he was born, and after 25 years he still bears that same weight. He stopped advancing after a year, which is why he still has the same weight as from his birth.

Doctors don't know the actual cause of his condition, but they believe it was due to hormonal imbalance. He was born healthy, but after a year he stopped growing. He can't communicate or move about, he has to be carried by his family members from one place to another.

Manpreet has two siblings who grew up well, their names are Jaspreet his younger sister and Mangaldeep his younger brother. He was later sent to his Aunty and Uncle to stay with.

He doesn't say much, he only utters few words but laughs and cries very well. Most people see him as a reincarnation of their god, so they worship him.

More Pictures Of Manpreet.

Most people around believes he is God, so they worship him as seen the picture above.

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