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Meet The Yoruba Artist 'Sanyeri', His beautiful Wife With His Children And Other Artists

At times life partneris not all about giving birth to children and working, its also about creating time to relax and know how the love life started.

Sanyeri knowa that he needs rest,he took his wife along while leaving their offsprings behind due to their academics as they bond together to upload their love.

During the lover Day celebration on 14th February,sanyeri could not hide how much he loves his wife whom he says he is proud is the mother of his children.

“It lovers day shout out to the woman in my life, mother of my children, the love of my life. I am proud to call u my wife as we celebrate our love today may our years be long inshallahu,” he wrote.

Things had changed when he met a beautiful lady, whose name is Hawawu Omolara and who would later become Olaniyi Afonja wife. sanyeri talks about how he first met the love of his life.Their love epistle is quite exciting and is closely connected to the issues of sticking with your spouse throughout thick and thin.

According to Sanyeri, he first met his wife in 2004. He was attending the screening of his movie “Okan Emi”, which took place in Iganmu, Lagos, at the National Theatre. Omolara just came there with a friend, hoping to have a good time. Sanyeri noticed the beautiful lady and her friend from a far distance and came up to them. He instantly put his eye on Omolara, and he decided to ask her to tell her friend that he liked her. However, his future wife’s friend told him that it would be better if he was the one who told her about that.

At first, Omolara did not take Sanyeri very seriously, when he told her that he wanted to get to know her better. She thought that he only wanted to have her number because he believed that shooting a movie recently would automatically make him able to get any girl he likes. She walked away from him that day. However, the stars aligned for them to meet again. It was nearly a month later after their first meeting at the theater, and this time, Sanyeri did not waste any time. He finally persuaded Omolara to give him her number. Still, she was not a simple girl: it took a while before he finally convinced her to give him a chance and start dating him.

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