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Bobrisky must stop: Journalist Slam Bobrisky online after he posted videos of himself being pregnant

Nigerian famous controversial cross-dresser bobrisky have been drag online by a journalist know as Mavis ishanqueen. According to her bobrisky have been constantly disrespecting women in the society because of the way he dresses and transforms himself from a man to a woman anytime he feel like doing so. And one of the things Bobrisky is hated for, his when he upload videos of himself claiming he is pregnant or sometimes he will seeing his period.

She also said that this generation of men who are claiming and dressing up as woman should be stopped, because many people are putting the blame on woman especially mothers who wasn't able to train their children well. Well she also procaim that many of this online Instagram comedians who are popularly known for dressing as woman just to make their audience laugh, it's can of insulting to the women in the Nigerian society and no Nigerian lady will wake-up one morning and start dressing like a man either as a joke or just to pleas her audience.

Bodrisky who actually caused the mess online Haven't replied to the lady, but i am sure he will do so anytime from now.

Well Here is the photos of Bodrisky with his fake badly bump.

here is what the journalist wrote about Bodrisky.

Here are some Nigerians reaction to the news.

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