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5 Places Every Man wants you to touch him but won't tell you

There are a lot of things guys want from ladies. They want a lady who will support them and have their back, care for them, show them true love, a lady who can spend enough time with them, and most importantly, a lady's touch.

Doing these things will even increase and develop a bigger rule for more closeness between you and your man

1. Face

I think ladies are created with romantic hands, whenever they touch you, you feel calm.

Also, guys want their ladies to touch them on their faces. Whenever they are are touched at their face, they feel more at ease and calm, it will be as if the hand should stay there forever If you want to prove to me, try this with your lover and see the outcome yourself.

2. Beards

Guys want ladies to have a feel of their beards because it's a sign the girl is comfortable and free around guys, If your man has beards, play with it gently, guys love it.

3. Hair

Another place your man wants you to touch is his hair. Men feel loved when their hair is been touched, Unlike babies, they feel excited and glad when you feel their hair, also men, they feel that same way especially when they are with the girl they love.

4. Finger

You can simply use this chance to show your man that you are conscious of his cleanliness. When you touch his finger and you see his nails are neat, you can compliment him.

5. Belly

Guys love it when they are been touched on their belly, it makes them feel more calm and contented that their woman is miffed about their well being. You can even use this step to make him do things he does not want to do. Just be rubbing his stomach gently, your man will surrender totally.

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