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Hollywood Wants to Kill You: The Particular Science of Death in the Movies

One may ask the question, can someone actually die from insomnia? Again, how could a tree kill an antelope? Why should you stay out of the water? Also, specifically important in the present environment, why should we be terrified of pig farms?

These are some of the major questions answered in the book, Hollywood Wants to kill you.

In this book, the authors Rick Edwards and Michael Brooks, took some of the greatest disaster movies, which were ever acted and converted them into case studies, for several ways in which we are all doomed. 

One of the author, Brooks holds a PhD degree in quantum physics, but who is now working as a journalist.

Taking a critical look at the book, each chapter if it, looks at different ways to dying, which included nuclear fallout, viral epidemic, massive superstorms, killer robots, giant predators, and so many other ways.

For each genre of death and destruction, both authors took their major storylines from some films favourite to them, and deduced what Hollywood has gotten right.

I must admit to the fact that, knowing about the physiological effects of deprivation of sleep, makes Freddy Krueger much more frightful.

This book is scattered with other mini side stories, telling about real world instances of Hollywood storylines. For instance, in an incident reminiscent of The Day of the Triffids, about 3000 antelopes suddenly died on a South African game ranch, which were killed by acacia trees.

The acacia trees produced tannins to a level of killing antelopes, thereby, warning other herbivores that are hungry, by emitting volatile compounds.

These stories, added to the author’s playful cartoon-style commentary, produce a mix of realism and whimsy throughout, which makes the book interesting and also entertaining.

This book gives insight into films to watch and analyse.

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