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9 Behind The Scene Images From Some Of Our Favourite Movies

How many of us have never watched a film before? Nobody, and I mean nobody, can say that in this world. For entertainment, we all turn to the television. But are you aware of what goes on behind the scenes? These nine images will show you what happens behind the scene.

1. Doctor Strange

Are there any Doctor Strange enthusiasts among us? Prepare to be disappointed (or pleasantly surprised)! Here's a look at the on-screen vs. behind-the-scenes situation! Nice!

2. The Hobbit

A pretty relaxed photograph of the actors from The Hobbit having a casual discussion during the intermission. Do you recall seeing this movie and them on screen together?

3. The Great

How many of you have seen the film The Great? Backstage, this explosive show included a lot of non-intense moments! Take a look at the set's atmosphere. So relaxed and enjoyable.

4. Westworld

Evan Rachel Wood can't seem to get enough sleep while filming Westworld, as evidenced by this photograph. Even when she's sleeping, she's adorable! Sleeping Beauty as it should be!

5. Star Wars

Do you recall the racing scene from Star Wars? Instead of elaborate crowd models, multi-colored cotton swabs were used in the Star Wars racing sequence. This is incredible

6. Mulan

Then, of course, there was Mulan, which demonstrated the potential of the green screen! It appears to be really lively! It's fantastic!

7. Avatar

Then Avatar demonstrated the wonders of modern technology! It is possibly the most profitable film ever, thanks to the incredible work!

8. Alice in Wonderland

On the sets of Alice In Wonderland, this is what the set looked like! This is what we saw on the screen as a result!

9. Fantastic Beasts

And this is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Thunderbird appeared to be somewhat strange on the set of Fantastic Beasts, didn't he? Very nice.

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