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You're Going To Jail If You're Responsible For Any Of These Photoshopped Photos 😂🤣.See The Photos!

Hello guys, welcome to this wonderful article. We will be looking at Photoshopping. Today in the world, creativity has highly gone far. We attribute it to the massive technological advancement of our society. People use a lot of sophisticated gadgets and softwares to explore their creativity.

However, when it comes to photography, there is a massive improvement. We watch films and we see a lot of sceneries. Most of the time we don't know that most sceneries in movies are not real, but technology has made it so possible that filming looks so real with a very high quality images and videos. Most smart phones today are very powerful tools for creating wonderful or should I say real images which in the real sense are not real.

Moreover, we are looking at "Photoshopping" basically. A lot of us don't really know what Photoshopping is? Literally, it means "shopping for photos" 😂🤣 😂🤣 😂. That's funny right? But that's not true.

Photoshopping according to webopedia is "a slang term used to describe any image that has been digitally manipulated or altered". Another definition by urban dictionary says "The process of reviewing old photo's or yearbooks and suddenly discovering that someone has become more attractive. Usually indicative of a change in tastes or maturity, or a desire to hook up". Photoshopping involves editing photos by using Photoshop software. You can crop, rotate change colour, morph with some other photos, apply some nice filters, add text shapes and symbols and much more.

Meanwhile, in Nigeria today, it's as if Photoshopping was born here in Nigeria. Photoshopping has advanced much in Nigeria. It is evident that Photoshopping is no longer a new thing. It has become so common mostly amongst the youths. Not only the youths, most bloggers use photoshopped images in their articles and blogs. In Nigeria, Photoshopping has developed massively that most times we find it difficult to identify real photos. Most importantly, we know that Nigerians are sarcastic in nature. Most people drive a lot of joy in Photoshopping people's images for fun. Nigerians use their creativity well in these aspect. People have made a lot of photoshopped images of the AY, Obasanjo, Yemi Osinbanjo, Goodluck Jonathan, President Buhari, Davido, Hushpuppi and other celebrities.

In this article, it's my pleasure to bring to you the most hillarious photoshopped images of famous people in Nigeria.

See Below:

Furthermore, after seeing all these photoshopped images, and you confidently know that you are responsible for any of it, just know that you need to be punished. Anywhere you see yourself, go and hide now! Lol 😂🤣 😂🤣 😂... I'm just kidding!!




Content created and supplied by: UdumaPius (via Opera News )


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