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Two Reasons Why Angel And White Money Have Been Spending More Time Together Lately

It is quite surprising to many people that Angel and White Money who were not very close in the house have suddenly become 'close' outside the house. Different pictures and videos of them that surfaced the internet lately have left many people confused.

White Money and Angel

Many people keep wondering how things swiftly changed between Angel and White Money when they got out of the house. They moved from hardly speaking to each other in the house to being very close outside the house.

Well, after observing them for a while, I figured out two reasons why White Money and Angel have been frequently seen together outside the house.

1. They were both invited to hustle and bustle in Abuja and they had to work together to ensure that everything goes smoothly. White Money and Angel had their first public appearance together in Abuja on Sunday. They had to travel together from Lagos to Abuja for the event.

They spent time planning and preparing for the event together. That explains why they have been seen together at different places such as the airport, hustle and bustle night club in Abuja among other places.

White Money and Angel in Abuja

2. Another reason why Angel and White Money have been spending more time together lately is because of the media round session they have been doing together. They have been moving together from one media house to another for interviews.

Photo Credit: @Whitemoney – Instagram

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