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45+ Funny Pictures And Exquisite Jokes You Can't Help But Laugh At

Are you bored? These compiled funny pictures and hilarious jokes will make you laugh hard. Relax, read through and enjoy.

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Enjoy these hilarious pictures that are sure to crack you up

When you pay #200 for make-over, this is what you get..

Nice idea right? You can try this the next time you wanna set a password.

When teacher calls me to write an answer on the blackboard but suddenly the bell rings.

Me: *happiness*

Me sliding out of the conversation after she said I need a favour

This is a rare picture of you and me saying "thank you mr. speaker sir for giving me time to propose the motion that Education is better than money"

Money forgive me, I was just joking then

No matter how lazy your boyfriend is, he will never ask you to help him pass his phone. God will always give him strength for that.

If you know, you know.

Hope these made you laugh.

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