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Zee world: Learn about Mehek and Shaurya's reborn in season 2

 After the tragic ending of Mehek and Shaurya’s love story in season 1, it left millions of viewers heartbroken. To fulfill the vow Mehek and Shaurya made before dying, the two couples are reborn in season 2.

Mahek is born into a poor household where her father resents her being a girl. On the other hand, Shaurya is born into a rich family. The gallant Mehek grows to become a fearless lady and meets Shaurya again. Mehek is bold as well as known with her fearless personality who easily brings trouble. Eventually, Shaurya is practicing to be a boxer as his father believes his son will one day win a Gold Medal.

Every day and night, both Shaurya and Mehek are haunted by vision of their previous love life. Later on, faith and destiny bought back both Mehek and Shaurya to the same college and the same passion.

To cut the story short, Svetlana tries to separate Mehek and Shaurya for the second time by killing them with the help of a priest. Svetlana ends up killing Swati (Mehek’s sister) who was trying to save Mehek. Mehek hopefully recalls her past life and got shoot by Svetlana in which she survived.

She meets Shaurya and planned to frighten Svetlana to such an extent that she will confess her dirty crimes. At the end, Svetlana is killed by Devi Durga’s Trishula. Finally, Mehek and Shaurya get married and lived happily ever after.

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