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5 Things Nigerians Would NEVER Forget About The Covid 19 Pandemic.

A peaceful, wonderful and promising year, that was what 2020 seemed to be, or at least what everybody thought, a year of fun, joy, and watching a lot of hit Movies.

Fast forward a year ahead and ask anyone you see how amazing his 2020 was.

"Boring, depressing, Hard...." There's no doubt these are among the many sad Responses you would get.

The Covid 19 Era isn't over yet (to make myself clear) but the Time when it was at it's height and peak is gone. 2020 has one great thing to be remembered of, and that is without any surprise "the Covid 19 Pandemic". Apart from that, there are alot of other things to remember from 2020( the Covid Era), in fact things Nigerians would Never Forget About The Covid 19 Era. We look at a few of them below:

1. The Lockdowns:

if I say Covid 19, 2020, what comes to Your Mind?, Probably the long Boring Lockdowns ot restrictions that looked like they would last for eternity. Everybody thought that's the lockdowns would only last as long as that of The Ebola lockdown of recent Years, for a couple weeks or a month. Well it lasted for almost a year!!! And It made People desperate, Caused many Problems, and changed everything.

2. The Spike In Commodity Prices:

2020, was a hard time for everyone around the world, if not the hardest time in all their lives. In Nigeria, no one would forget the enormous spikes and rise in Commodity and Product Prices. It made things from better to worse, from hard to difficult. It is a situation we are all battling up till now. It is indeed, no doubt a period and situation no one who had witnessed it ever Forget for years to come.

3. ASUU Strike:

Though the Closure of Schools might have made some Forget that ASUU was going on Strike or some had even celebrated, that was well, at the beginning of it all, when everyone thought Covid was going to be more or less like Ebola, and we would probably be free of it within a few weeks or months, and then pile back to work and school fully refreshed after that "awesome holiday" Covid 19 brought.

Well, that was not the case, but everyone had wished it was like that, and it would have been better. However, students enjoying the pandemic break and having fun soon came to their senses when it was time to open up school( though under Covid 19 protocols) and ASUU was still at Strike. No one, especially students would ever forget this.

4. #ENDSARS Protests:

This is by far the biggest event and happening in Nigeria apart from the Pandemic. Activists and youth took to streets after making A trend on Twitter about #Endsars, calling the government to end the SARS department of police which were killing innocent people outrightly. Though what was supposed to be a peaceful campaign and protest turned into a fight and violent activity claiming the lives of many people and causing Trouble such as Vandalism and theft, the activity/protest, had garnered support and sponsorship from international activist, public figures(e.g Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey) Celebrities (both local and international). I think it is safe to say that no one would ever forget #Endsars, EVER!

5. The Northern Killings.

A dispute occurred just as 2020 was coming to an end, it happened between the Yoruba Tribe and The hausas, reasons for the conflict was said to be because of the Yoruba killing The hausas because of jealousy and envy of their success in the Yoruba's land. This caused alot of blood bath and trouble, with the northern Hausas even reaching to an agreement of not sending Food to the South (where the Yorubas dwell). It was a very concerning and troubling Event. I think everyone who remembers the#Endsars protest and trend would also remember the #StopkillingNortherners trend and the violence that ensued.


That makes the round for the 5 things Nigerians would Never Forget About The Covid 19 Era.

Thanks for taking your time to read this article.

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