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A Slay Queen Took Me Out On A Date Only For This To Happen (FICTION)

A Slay Queen Took Me Out On A Date Only For This To Happen (FICTION)

All my life I have been spending on girls with no opportunity of having one to spend on me, even for a day. 

I later took it upon my self that I must get one that will spend on me at least for once. Why are we guys not always lucky to find ladies that will boldly tell us "Baby don't worry, I will handle the bills"? If they do it for us, will they die?

This happened to be the reason why I have been optimistic and focused, looking forward to seeing someone of such Character one day.

As time goes on, i decided to top up my fashion game because I understand that ladies get attracted to guys that look good and smell nice. 

One evening while I was talking a walk, I met this lady called Lizzy. She looked lost and decided to ask if I knew the address of where she was going to. Luckly for me, i knew the place but the direction of the place is a bit technical so as a sharp guy trying to form "gentleman", I offered to take her there. 

She was so happy and that was how I forfeited my own strolling for that day. 

She gave me her card and asked me to call her the next day. I checked the card carefully but couldn't see any name that looks like an organizational name. The only things I could see were her name and phone number (Anyways that is not my business). 

The following day, I called her and she thanked me for what I did for her last night after which she told me that she would take me on a date by 5 pm to show how grateful she is (My prayer is being answered already). She sent me the address of the restaurant we shall be meeting (The most expensive restaurant in town) so I started preparing and sharpening my teeth. I checked time more than 20 times before I saw 4:30pm. When I was about going, something told me to take my ATM card along in case of the unknown, meanwhile I was having just N5,000 in my account. 

Finally we meet at the restaurant. She appeared so expensive which means she is really loaded. But one thing that baffled me was the fact that she came with a friend. When I thought of it, I just had to ignore, afterall she will be the one to pay.

In a chat before making our orders, she told me how her father connected her to Shevron, working there and earning money she don't know how to spend, she don't have boyfriend and bla bla bla. In my mind, I was like "it has finally happened". 

She asked us to order for anything with the bill on her. 

I ordered what I have not tasted before knowing fully well that opportunity comes but once. We were busy consuming and squandering like no man business when Lizzy's phone rang. She took the call and started saying something like "Like now? No Dad, I'm still busy, Okay Dad, I'm sorry". 

She told me her Dad wanted her at home urgently. Immediately I had a heart beat that nearly removed my chest. But I got relieved when she told me she was going to ask for the bill before she take her leave.

She returned, told me that the bill is N53,000 and asked if I have my ATM card on me. I nearly peed on myself so I had to ask her "What for?" "I want to send the money into your account so you can make the payment when you are done" she replied. I became relieved again. She sent N100,000 into my account and asked me to keep the rest that she would see me tomorrow. They both left me so I had to confirm the alert to be sure I wasn't dreaming. It was confirmed to be true so I sat and finished everything before heading to make payment.

I confidently gave them my ATM card as if my father is Dangote. The lady in charge told me "excuse me sir, your balance is insufficient". "What do you mean my balance is insufficient? Try again maybe it's network problem" I suggested. 

She tried it again and it was the same thing. "But I have a hundred and five thousand Naira in that account; perhaps that lady just sent me N100,000 a moment ago" I pondered aloud. I checked the alert again and had to show the lady. "Oga, so you don't know there is fake alert abi? Please pay your money let me attend to other customers" she demanded. 

I had to check my account balance only to see my N5,000 there. That was when I knew it was over. I tried Lizzy's number but switched off. 

As we speak, I'm still in their custody. I don't know what to do.

Please how do I get myself our of this mess? 

Please help me with any possible strategy.

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