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Let's be careful how we treat our children, see what this woman is giving her baby to drink (video)

A woman has been caught on video to be giving her baby a bottle of stout that the men are drinking. Judging by the video,the boy can't be more than eight years of age.

A video has surfaced online on how a woman is feeding her baby with what shouldn't be heard of because of his age. The woman is the owner of the shop and she sells drinks and beers to people. Because you do this doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to control your child.

In the video,the woman was saying that the little boy was taking the beer for the second time. The man recording the video said they should collect the beer from the little boy. The woman wanted to collect the beer but the little boy was crying.

This shows that he's so used to it. What would someone like him become when he grows up? Until the woman gave him the beer again he didn't stop crying.

Watch the video here.

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