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Meet Veteran Actress, Liz Benson’s lookalike As She Goes Viral In These Amazing Pictures

Liz Benson is a veteran Nollywood actress whom is well known in Nigeria and beyond. She has featured in many blockbuster Nollywood movies over the years. It is true that Liz Benson suddenly varnished from our TV screens after deciding to back down from acting, but another woman recently reminded us of our favorite veteran Nollywood actress, Liz Benson.

A 52-year-old woman whose name is Rolanda Rochelle, recently went viral after she uploaded some amazing pictures of herself online. Rolanda Rochelle doesn't look like someone in her early 50's. Rolanda looks more like a young lady in her late 30's. Apart from the fact that Rolanda's amazing body defies aging, she also reminded us of our favorite Nollywood actress, Liz Benson.

Liz Benson is 54 years old, and Rolanda is 52 years old. When one sees two of them, it is common to think that they are related by blood. Infact, Rolanda and Liz Benson look like they are identical twins. In some instances, you could easily mistake one for another. Let us take a closer look at some of the amazing pictures of these beautiful women.

Liz Benson's Photos

Rolanda Rochelle

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