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Raw Talent In Action: See What This Man Is Doing

It is often said that those that are born with a natural ability in doing something will always excel above those that pick the same skill through apprenticeship or from schooling.

That explains what Odeith a 3D artist from Portugal is doing, he is simply displaying raw, natural talent in street painting.

When some people will resort to defacing walls of public places with graffiti and other unethical drawings, this man is creatively turning any space, part of a building, or just any structure into stunning works of art.

He is so good at it that you can hardly differentiate between what he has created and the real object that he is trying to depict.

Many of his work have received international recognition, and he has also received many awards for them.

Below you will see some of his popular work; these ones are the work of art that brought him to the limelight.

His work has made many people to appreciate the work of art, especially 3D paintings which fast gaining ground now.

1. This is a block of concrete that he turned into a burned bus. Looking at the two pictures you will see a concrete block below the bus. It is the block that Odeith turned into a bus.

Looking at this work from a distance you will think you are looking at a bus that has been badly burnt in accident, and you will begin to wonder about the fate of the occupants.

2. A scary 3D skull only that it is far bigger than a normal skull, but still no one can deny the fact that it really looks like the human skull.

Look at the way he is able to bring out the exact shape and cavities in the skull, even the colour cannot be differentiated.

3. This is not another NatGeo Wild beast, but a painting. It looks exactly like a croc floating in a clear pool.

Check out the background painting, and the tree on top. Everything is just perfect.

4. A huge froggy trying to jump on the painter. This was painted on three surfaces of wall, but looking at it from the outside; you will think you are looking at a venomous frog that has come to eat.

5. A Hyena rising up from the floor. 

6. See these two picture that are together, the one from the top comes from the one below it. Can you believe it?

7.Look at these also, the painting at the top comes from the one below it. This guy has a talent for turning concrete blocks into anything that takes his fancy.

8.Look at his signature. The sign of a master artist, sitting impressively, while a croc is riding on it.

Guys, all of these are paintings they are not work of sculpture, but that is what they appear to be if you do not look critically.

What do you think about Odeith's work?

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