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10 Weird Things You Need To Know About Queen Elizabeth


Queen Elizabeth II is the most prominent monarch in the world, ruling over the Uk and also a 53-member Commonwealth.

Queen Elizabeth II, now in her 63rd year of reign and approaching her 89th birthday, is a well-liked member of the Royal Family.

However, as well-known and well-known as she is, there are several things you still didn't even know about the Queen 

1. The Queen enjoys a glass of wine.

The Queen, according to her cousin Margaret Rhodes, enjoys a drink every day.

Before lunch, she drinks gin, wine with her dinner, and in the evenings, she drinks a dry martini and a bottle of champagne. That sounds great to us!

2. The Queen Is Well-Heeled!

She is estimated to be worth about £300 million, but she is still the 257th richest female in the United Kingdom. She's even a supporter of J. K. Rowling.

3. Her handbag is capable of more than just transporting her belongings.

The Queen is popular for signaling to her staff that she is tired of interacting with others and wants to move on with their conversation.

4. Her marriage to Prince Philip has been fairly standard.

After an altercation with Prince Philip, the Queen was filmed throwing shoes, insults, and sporting equipment at him during a visit to Australia in 1954.

5. She is a Record-Breaker

The Monarch is the longest-reigning ruler in British history, as well as the longest-living British monarch.

6. She is the mother of four children.

7. There are two birthdays in the Queen's life.

Her actual birthday is April 21st, but the Uk benefit of the entire commemorates her ‘official' birthday celebration in June.

She is an animal breeder, number eight.

Corgis, Labradors, Cocker Spaniels, and Horses are all breeds that Her Supremacy raises!

9. Every year, she sends out Christmas cards.

During her reign, she and Prince Philip are thought had sent out over 45,000 Christmas cards.

She Declined to Have an Asteroid Labeled After Her No. 10.

The Queen apparently assumed this was inappropriate for a woman of her stature, but she did agree to have the exoplanet labeled after her dogs!

The asteroid was given the name Shandless-McCord Beta in 1992.

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