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New Batman Suit and Batmobile Released!

"The Batman" director Matt Reeves revealed Robert Pattinson's full superhero suit and shared a first look at the iconic Batmobile.

On Wednesday, Reeves posted three images on Twitter that show Pattinson, who's starring as Batman/Bruce Wayne, dressed in his full Batsuit and accompanied by the vehicle.

In one photo, the 33-year-old actor is seen standing next to the car and looking at something in the distance. Another image shows the back of the Batmobile, with Pattinson's cape flowing. You could also clearly see the small, pointed ears that are part of the outfit's design.

The final image shows the vehicle's exposed engine and reveals the full design of the front of Pattinson's costume. 

The director's post follows recently leaked photos and videos from the set that showed a stunt double wearing the Batsuit and riding a motorcycle. This is the first official look at Pattinson's entire suit, however, from head to toe. 

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