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"Just Happened" [Fiction] Episode three


Episode 3

My alarm buzzed for the fifth time and I hit the snooze button with a groan. Isn't it early to be awake? With sleepy eyes, I searched for my phone, it was miles away from my pillow. I pressed the power button and a message popped up: "ain't you coming to school today? I can't see any sign of you." it was from Mirabel. I checked the time..."oh my God!"I exclaimed and jumped from my bed, immediately rushing to the bathroom.


 "you're damn late b. what's up? you had troubles sleeping?"Mirabel asked as soon as I sat down. "Nah, I guess I was too tired"I replied with a heavy sigh. "Hey Prisci" a familiar voice said. No need to look up, it was Chelsea. "what do you want?"I asked, folding my arms. "c'mon, don't be this way. I'm trying to be friendly here"she said smiling and I rolled my eyes. "Jason asked me to do this though, I wouldn't have been here talking to you"she said, waving her hand. Jason? "I'm sorry about what I said yesterday, I was a little rude"she said and rolled her eyes. "it's fine"I replied and started opening books I wasn't supposed to open, just to indicate that the conversation was over. "thank goodness, I thought you were going to be hard or something"she muttered and walked away. "nice"Mirabel said and I stared at her. "what? he asked her to apologise but he didn't apologize or, did he?"she asked and I looked away. Jason walked in, refused to make eye contact with me and as he strode to his seat, he slid a note into my hand. "can we meet at the coffee shop during lunch? xoxo"Mirabel read and sniffed. "so...." "so...?" "Is there anything I should know?"she asked, giving me a worldly smile. "No, there's absolutely nothing going on between us"I said, laughing. "and the Xoxo?"she asked with a sly smile. "Mirabel stop it. He probably just want to apologise"I said, laughing.


 After five minutes of awkward silence and constant clearing of throat, Jason finally spoke. "Well I..err. I asked Chelsea to apologize to you"he said. "yeah,she did apologize"I replied. 

Another minute of silence.

He shifted a little bit and scratched his hair. "I err.... about what I said yesterday...I umm..." Another round of throat clearing.. "..I didn't really mean know... how you took it.."he played with his nails. This was soooo awkward. "what did you say yesterday?"I asked. He said lots of things yesterday, like me doing something about my disgusting face. He was tapping the table with his finger now. "that I know, love you.." 

 Oh, wow😐

"you see...when I said I love you, I meant...I meant as a friend, I love you as a friend"he said, then stared at me to see my reaction. I had a calm, collected face..I guess. "I just want us to be friends and err...go out sometimes, you know what I mean. I know you don't like the group of friends I keep but, we could work something out you know"he said. "I never said I don't like the friends you keep. I'm very sure they're the ones who don't like me"I said, heaved a sigh and continued; "and when you said you love me, I wasn't thinking the other way round." Big lie. Terrible lie🤦. "So you're with us being friends?"he asked and I nodded. "thanks"he muttered and stared at me, scratching his hair again.

what now?

"I err...I'll be having a party at my house tonight. I don't know if you'd be able to come...I'll like you to come though. Not because I love you or anything but err...since you're a friend and err...." his voice suddenly faded. Was he being coy or he's just this...shy? "Well I..I don't really know..."I said, thinking of how I'd tell my mum I'm going to a party at a guy's house, someone I barely know. "I'll be happy if you come you new friends that we are..I just err... want us to bond, maybe, and err..."his voice faded again. Sweet Jesus of the highest Heavens!

© Farida Minjindadi 💫

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