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The right way to flirt with him

Think about flirting can be a means of communication. It’s a chance for you to show him just a bit of whom you are as well as open up your character up to him in a way you don’t to other folks.

By flirting, you’re giving him your full attention (and that’s hot).

Here are some guidelines for flirting:

1) draw attention to your lips.

Yep, this does really work. Keep chapstick or lip gloss in your bag and get pouty.

2) if you’re in a group of folk, say hello while looking at everybody but not him. He’ll feel left out. Then include him in the verbal exchange afterward and it’ll make his day.

3) just do bump and flatter

“Accidentally” hit him in a crowd or at a party and express joy and say: “oh, sorry, I turn out to be a total dullard around attractive people.” They’ll be I'm instantly flattered and will want to get back to know you.

4) get eye contact with your crush. 

 than looking away like most individuals usually, look at him straight off, smirk and wink. It will show you’re unbelievably confident and if he has some balls, he’ll at that time come talk to you.

5) check out their outfits. 

make a comment about them. This doesn’t happen to men so, you’ll seem interested and a conversation should occur.

6) jokingly hit him. 

This should help him remember the fact that you like him, and it’s fun!

7) compare your hand sizes. “

your hands are so larger than mine.”

8) cold and hug. 

 it’s cold, ask for a hug to keep warm.

9) use backhanded compliments.

For example, you could say, “your nose is so attractive. It vibrates when you laugh or “your smile is cute. It’s a little crooked, I love it!.”

These aren’t insults, but they’re simply things that other ladies who are interested in him won’t say.

It’s like you’re negating your special interest, and making him wonder in case you like him or not. It’s a great, fun approach to play, “hard to get.”

Don’t use these frequently, just once in a while. Bear in mind, giving flat out compliments can make you seem a bit easy, and usually men love a chase. But these “compliments” are poles apart and will trigger the “chase” in him.

Extra tip:

If you’re finding flirting hard, start viewing it as a joke or a game. Worry not about the consequence or whether you’ll get something in return.

It can be less complicated to make your flirting extremely obvious, rather than either worrying about whether you’re being subtle.

So, if he offers, you a soft drink, say anything like “are you trying to take advantage of me?” in a humorous, playful way.

He’ll get the message you’re interested and you’ll have given him the opportunity to say anything flirty back. If he doesn’t, you can progress without being embarrassed, because it’s all just been a joke, right?

Content created and supplied by: Djhoy (via Opera News )


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