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5 Times K1, Saheed Osupa And Pasuma Have Dominated Fuji Music Industry With Different Songs

For three out of the Fuji music stars in Nigeria, there have been periods when they waxed different songs with which they dominated the industry for some time. And, the three Fuji music stars in question are King of Fuji music, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Anifowoshe Marshal who is better known as K1, King of Music, Alhaji Saheed Akorede Okunola simply called Saheed Osupa, and Oga Nla of Fuji, Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Odetola popularly known as Pasuma. For the three of them, the songs with which they dominated came from either a live performance, or a recorded album.

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So, this piece would take you down memory lane of those songs from the past to the present. Hence, one of the times Pasuma would dominate the Fuji music industry with a song was when he went on a music tour to Napoli in Italy some years ago. And, based on what he experienced in the European country, Pasuma felt their lifestyle and environment reminded him of Lagos State in Nigeria. So, at one of the shows he apparently staged in Napoli, he sang a song of which its live recording that was later sold in the music market in Nigeria was titled: "Napoli Like Lagos".

Apart from the live recording of "Napoli Like Lagos" which had Pasuma relating similarities of life in Lagos to life in Napoli, selling like hot cakes amongst Fuji music lovers in Nigeria, the song was also on the lips of Fuji music fans for a long while. The song really dominated the industry back then. In the case of K1, one of the times he dominated the Fuji music industry with a song was when he did a song titled: "Sempe". "Sempe" was a song that K1 composed to advise old women dancing to his music to give space and allow the young ladies to enjoy the music of K1 first.

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The live recording of the song which was a little controversial amongst the women folks at that time, sold so much that, a marketer was said to have approached K1 to put the song in a proper album for him after depositing a huge sum of 20 Million Naira for it. And, whether the album that 20 Million Naira was paid for sold well enough to generate return on investment for the marketer or not, is a story for another day. But the truth is, K1 dominated the Fuji music industry with the "Sempe" song at that time.

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When Saheed Osupa on his own part would dominate the Fuji music industry with a song, he did so with his song titled: "Kokoro Alate". And, the story behind the song becoming popular back then was that Saheed Osupa at a show, used deep Yoruba analogy to preach to star actors, Saidi Balogun and Fathia Balogun, to come back together as husband and wife, because no marriage is perfect. It was his creative analogy with the song coupled with the fact that Saidi Balogun and Fathia Balogun were both present at the show that made the song become popular. And, it dominated the industry for a long while back then.

The second time Pasuma would dominate the Fuji music industry with his song was when he released his hit album titled: "Money Making Machine" (MMM). "MMM" came out as a different kind of album from Pasuma as it is deep in messages, unlike the mere popular slangs that Pasuma's music used to be full of. And, immediately the album was released, it became a hit, and dominated the Fuji music industry for a long while. And, just like Pasuma, the second coming of K1 with a popular song that dominated the industry was when he released his song titled: "Ade Ori Okin". 

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"Ade Ori Okin" is a song that K1 dedicated to the blessing of God in his life, as he is not a perfect human before the Almighty God blessed him with so much that he has achieved in life. And, as soon as the song was released, it became an instant hit amongst Fuji music lovers, and even amongst those who would not listen to Fuji music ordinarily. So, the song dominated for a long while.

By and large, Pasuma has done songs that dominated the industry twice, and K1 has done so twice too, with Saheed Osupa doing it once, to make it five times that they have differently done songs that dominated the Fuji music industry, and even beyond.

Content created and supplied by: SaheedOjubanire (via Opera News )

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