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Opinion :Top 7 States with the Most Handsome Men in Nigeria

handsomeness - the quality of having regular well-defined features (especially of a man) good looks. beauty - the qualities that give pleasure to the senses. A handsome rich guy is the fantasy of most ladies. Beauty they said is in the eyes of the beholder. Most people equate beauty and handsomeness to different things. Some equate it to intelligence while others equate it to good character. My article is focus on the the physical outlook of handsomeness. 

Every state in Nigeria is blessed with handsome men. But some state are more endowed with handsome than their counterparts. It is on the basis that I compiled the top 7states in Nigeria that I personally believe are mostly endowed with the most handsome group of men. It is a personal opinion, therefore it is arguable. Below are the top 7 states with the most handsome men in Nigeria. 

1.Anambra state. 

The first state in my list is a Anambra state. I was posted to Anambra state for my NYSC. Being born and brought up in the north I havnt been to any eastern states. The first time I step into Anambra state I was amazed by the beauty of the state and it s endowment with handsome men. These men ain't just handsome but they are hardworking and business oriented. Coming to the entertainment industry actors who are indigene of Anambra state are:Jim Iyke, Ken Eric's, Fredrick Leonard and of course the tall handsome musician-Flavor. 

2.Delta state. 

The second state in my List is Delta state. The truth is the popular phrase “Warri nor dey carry last” is really to some extent very true as Delta state, consist of a very handful group of handsome and hot men in the country. During my universities days the guy that won the most handsome man in my school was from delta state. One of the most handsome and hottest actor in the Nigeria movie industry - Richard MofeDamilola popularly known as 'RMD' is also from Delta state. 

3.Kastina state. 

Katina state is dominated by the fulanis . Fulani men are always known for their charm and handsomeness . The likes of late former president of Nigeria umaru Musa Yardua and the present president of Nigeria are all from Katsina state. If you meet some fulani men I bet! will you think they are from one of the western countries because most of them are fair in complexion with a curly hair type. 

4.Abia state. 

The fourth in my list is abia state. I have not met alot of men from abia state but I met some research about men from Abia state. To my greatest surprise my celebrity crush Alex Ekubo is from Abia state. In the same note Ik ogbona is also from Abia state. 

5.Lagos state.

 Lagos state is the most industrious and business oriented state in Nigeria. It consist of various handsome and classy guys from various background. It is a western part of the country it is therefore dominated by the Yorubas. Yoruba language is the most spoken language in Lagos. Celebrity like wizkid is from Lagos state. Alot of handsome who are not indigenous of Lagos state, stays in Lagos. 

6.Ogun state. 

Apart from Lagos state, ogun state is one of the most industrial state in the western part of Nigeria. Although it is very close to Lagos. Ogun state is also blessed with handsome men. Ogun men have a high sense of fashion and business minded. Take a good look a the popular musician Dbanj - he is from ogun state. 

7.Benue state. 

Most of the men I met from Benue state are very handsome. The guys in this state are just too clean and cute to be ignored. Very elegant group of men in all endeavors exist in this state. Typically example is the popular muscian 2baba.

This lists of states is my personal opinion. So there i have it, Do you agree with the list?.

If No, then list yours in the comment box…

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