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5 Best Recent Horror Movies You Need To Watch

If you're looking for good horror movies to watch or scare the hell out of you, you can't go wrong with these recently released horror films.

Without further ado, here is a list of films released within the last 5 to 7 years:

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

This movie is one very eerily movie to watch. It's very scary and leaves you with a feeling of a metaphysical presence. If you're not a Horror fan, watch with a companion. It follows a duo of coroners (father and son), who gets involved with a mysterious corpse who has no sign of cause of death on her dead body. In the time of unravelling the mystery behind this corpse, the duo steps into uncharted territory and messes with demonic forces of evil.


This movie revolves around two siblings who witnessed the brutal murder of their mother by their father. The now-adult siblings try to make sense of the event that happened on the fateful night their mom died. This features Brenton Twaites and

Train To Busan

This movie deviates from the regular Zombie movie cliché. It follows a single dad who is tasked with the responsibility of saving his daughter from a deadly zombie virus that spreads fast in a transport train to Busan.

Ready or Not

A new bride is plunged into a long tradition that consists of playing a game each time there is a new addition to their family. Initially, Grace believes that the game is just harmless fun but later turns out that her new family is serious about it and what starts as a game of hide and seek soon turns into a violent fight for survival.

This movie is brutal and gory as it features copious amounts of violence and blood.

The Witch

It follows a Puritan family in the 1630’s New England which is unsettled by an unknown evil lurking in the dark woods surrounding their recluse farm.

The teenage daughter of the family Tomasin soon becomes accused of being a witch after their crops fail, animals starting to act strange and Tomasin seemingly possessed by an invisible entity.

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