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Video: Beautiful Lady Narrates How She Invested So Much On A Guy But Broke Her Heart

This article features a Ghanaian beautiful lady who narrates how a guy she love so much and invested everything on him, broke her heart. Continue reading to get the rest of the gist.

Photo: Shugatiti

In a recent video posted on social media, a beautiful Ghanaian video vixen and influencer who goes by the name Shugatiti, narrated how she invested so much in a guy who ended up breaking her heart.

In the video, Shugatiti mentioned how she invested her time, energy and money on a particular guy whom she loves. But in the end the guy disappoint her when he choose a prostitute over her.

Photo: Shugatiti

She proceeded to explain the type of prostitutes she's referring to, which is the roadside prostitute whose full job term is prostitution.

The funniest part according to her was that she was living in the same room with him, but when she found out what he did, she decided to pack out and move on with her life. Although she felt heartbroken initially, but she has gotten over it according to her.

Photo: Shugatiti

She mentioned that the road side prostitute he cheated on her with, smokes and drinks and also does stuff she's not doing, maybe that's what made him chose her instead. But either way, life goes on and it doesn't bother her anymore.

Photo: Shugatiti

Watch the video below to listen to her narration in details.

Question: what can you say after listening to her narration?

- Do you think she has moved on completely or there is still a part of her that is still in pain?

Kindly share your thoughts in the comments

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Ghanaian Shugatiti


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