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Remember The Tallest Man In The World, He Is Married

Stories like this warms even the toughest and hardest of hearts, these kind of stories makes you believe love Is just beautiful. We have seen the beautiful love life of the tallest woman in ths world, today we will look at the love life of the tallest man.

Sultan Kosen holds the Guinness World Record as the tallest living male, he was born on December 10 1982. He is a farmer and a herder from Turkey, Sultan's rapid growth started as a result of the disease called "Acromegaly".

This condition is normally caused by a tumour that affects the pituitary gland, because of this disease, he has to use crutches to walk and move around. According to him, he loves being tall because he is able to see far distance, also he can easily help to change light bulbs and hang curtains in the house.

The bad side of this his height is that, it is always hard to see clothes that would fit his legs, and his arms, he also finds it difficult to see his size of shoes or even enter a car.

Currently he is married to his lovely wife from Syria named "Merve Dibo", she is actually 10 years younger than him. They normally find it hard to speak with each other, because his wife speaks only Arabic while he speaks Turkish. See their beautiful pictures below;

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