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Read What A Young Boy Said About His Mad Dad, That Got People Talking - Sea Reactions

Read What A Young Boy Said About His Mad Dad, That Got People Talking - Sea Reactions

There are several reasons to love or take care of your dad when the time comes. He accepts you for who you are. Dad doesn’t care what you look like or how silly you are.

He loves you for being you. You always feel safe when he’s around. Nothing bad can happen when dad’s around.

There’s something about his presence that makes you feel safe and secure. He’ll teach you how to do cool things. Whether it’s how to ride a bike, pump while you’re swinging, or drive a car, dad is the first one to help you learn the fun things in life.

The most important reason why you should love and take care of your dad, especially when the time arises is that your dad remain your father, because he was one of the main reason why you were given birth to and Dads always love their children.

According to this situation, A boy display a true characteristics of a good son to his father. Despite the mental disorder (Mad) of his father he stood by his side. May God bless this young boy and help him to take good care of his father.

Below is what the young boy said about his Mad (mental disorder) Dad, that got people talking:

"My sweet Dad Hussein Ssempija, he got a mental disorder since mum was murdered but he's still my father, I love him so much and I

"pray God to give me money when my dad is still alive so that I could change his life,I am being abused by friends that your Dad is mad

"but I don't care because this man raised me since when mummy died, my dad never left me behind that's why see him as a brave man

"to me. I love you Daddy, you are my father, and God gave you to me with a great reason, you will never embarrass me daddy".

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