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DRAMA: See What A Guy Was Caught Doing With Money On Instagram Live & What Happened To Him [VIDEO]

DRAMA: See What A Guy Was Caught Doing With Money On Instagram Live & What Happened To Him, That Got People Talking (See Video & Reactions)

This is the reason why they usually make this saying that "When trouble is Sleeping, Yanga goes to wake him up" this is exactly what about sharing with you about a guy who chose not to allow the sleeping dog to lie.

This video Is about a guy who made a silly and costly mistake to think he has arrived financially as he decided to go live on Instagram while driving, he stopped on the road, to make a public show of his money and from the looks of things, it appears he has a friend seating with him in the car.

While he was feeling hiray with himself and flipping his cash in slides, guess what happened, a guy just suddenly pointed the gun at him and cart away with all his money. All he could do at that moment was to say bro this was a set up done on him and he started screaming that he has been set up.

See screenshots of people's reactions below 👇

Funny reactions of people who saw the video also join him in the singing the song, "bro it was a setup". So very funny.

In my opinion, he set himself up by showing off money on Instagram live while on the street

My question is

Who do you think could have set him up?

Do you think his friend who is with him may have set him up?

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Photo Credit Instagram, Tundeenut

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