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Zee World Fans:Wednesday Update On Lies Of The Heart 2nd September 2020.

On wednesday's update On Lies Of The Heart,karan is about to go out,when he heard the doorbell rings,he opens the door and is shocked to see shuriya standing, shuriya eyes him and karan taunt shuriya by saying to what good luck he has that shuriya has come to visit him and ask shuriya if he haven't insulted him enough. And shuriya replies by saying he didn't come here to fight him,and says to him that he wants to talk to him. Karan says to him that he is surprised to hear him speak so softly to him today and shuriya replies that he doesn't have much time,as today is Diya's first hearing in court and the hearing will start in half an hour.

Shaurya then told him that he needed him to come to the court and testify for Diya's case as he was present when Diya was taken and assaulted . Karan then taunts him by saying that is that why he is speaking to him softly? Shuriya then tells him that they should talk later as they are running out of time. Karan tells him that they can go later too. Shuriya then asks Karan what he wants and what he wants him to do for him? Karan then eyes shuriya evilly as evil ideas engulfs his mind,saying that this is a very good question.karan asks shuriya to apologize to him for slapping and insulting him for Diya's sake, shuriya then apologize to him and ask if they can go now. Karan then asks him to apologize to him properly with his hands on both his ears. Shuriya tell him that there is no much time,karan then ask him to get going then,he also tell shuriya that he is finding it difficult to apologize to him but when Diya asked karan to apologize to her in the office shuriya immediately complied.shuriya then tell him that what he did to Diya that day was wrong that is why he forced him to apologize to her karan then reply him that he is also wrong today and that if he wants him to follow him to court he should apologize to him.shuriya then tell him to stop being childish and follow him to court as Diya and Urmi are already in the court, and they need to be hurry but karan insisted that he should apologize to him first or else he won't follow him to the court,shuriya then held his ears and apologize to him.after shuriya have apologize to him,karan is very happy and says that tables have turned, as yesterday he insulted and today he is apologising.

Shaurya asks him to follow him to the court,Karan then tells him that he doesn't feel like going with him to the court.and Shaurya tells him that only 15 minutes are left, and asks him to hurry up. but karan continues his banter saying that he can't hurt diyas anymore, as she would build up unnecessary expectations from him. Shaurya then replied him by saying that he isn't asking him to get Diya as his fiancee, but just say the truth in the court. karan intentionally does not comply.

Shaurya says that he did what he asked him to do and drags karan, but he asks him to stop for a minute, and then adds that he shall go,but on one condition. Shaurya asks him what?.Karan then smiles evilly.

Urmi and Diya arrive in the court with Anirudh,who tells them that Ashwini has asked them to meet here only. Anirudh says that he would just go and check. Diya and urmi wait. Just then,some people recognise diya as the reporter who was raped, and comment snidely how beautiful she still looks after the incident. And one of the lawyers came and shouted at the men who were making snide comments on Diya. the men apologise and leave quickly from there. The lawyer then approaches them and apologises to diya and Urmi. She thanks him, and then he asks if she is diya. Diya complies, and he says that he too has a daughter her age, and he understands her pain, as still men think about women as a commodity. urmi says that they have to fight the system still. He says that he has studied the case, and prays that they get justice soon for Diya. He blesses her and leaves.

Diya comments what a good man he is. urmi complies. Just then,, a lawyer comes,introduces herself as Ashwini Karmarkar and approaches diyya asking if she is the rape victim. She nervously complies. Diya asks her if they can talk. She rudely responds that they can talk inside only and it isnt needed to chat right now, as it's getting late for the court. Diya is tense and worried. urmi is boggled. They enter inside.

Inside the court, diya is worried that karan and shaurya haven't reached. urmi and anirudh assure her that they shall come. the judge arrives. All are nervous. He identifies the public prosecutor and the defense lawyer, addressing Diya with the imaginary name of Roshni. urmi and Diya is shocked to see that it's the same person who they met earlier outside the court. mr. Nigam smiles evilly. Ashwini begins, and starts to present the case, wherein the victim filed the complaint and then the goons were nabbed. she asks the judge the permission to get Diya in the witness box, so that she can present her case first hand.

Diya is tense, and urmi and anirudh then support her and she stands. She takes the swear and oath. she then says that she is Diya and not the other fake name, because of some incident that happened to her, where she wasn't at fault.the judge asks if she is sure as its for her benefit. Diya says that changing the name shall not be in her benefit, but justice shall, and that she is ashamed as she didnt do anything wrong, and hence she has nothing to hide, and in fact the rapists should be ashamed after what they did to her. the whole court starts clapping. the judge then asks them to stop, and asks diya to think again. diya is strict, saying that this decision shall embolden those girls who fight back and try to forget this tragic incident that's a nightmare, for the sake of the society and that She wants to be a role model for such girls.The judge commends her emotions and says that she shall be addressed as diya henceforth.he asks Ashwini to proceed. she starts interrogation with diya, and asks her to recount it all. diya narrates everything. she was asked if she tried to prevent herself, and that means she can identify them. Diya agrees and says that she can identify easily, as they also had sketches done. she points out to the rapists.the defense lawyer says that he objects as there’s unsubstantiated accusations against his client. Ashwini asks him to let the victim present her statement.

The judge asks him to speak when he presents his side. the judge sustains the objections.Ashwini then calls the rapists in the witness box. They comply, as per the judge’s demand.She asks diya to identify clearly, and diya complies and agrees. The defense lawyer gets up again, saying that they can assume she has been raped, but how will they prove that they are the rapists, with what evidence?Ashwini says that the medical reports were conducted 8 days later, which proved the rape,but does not confirm the identity of the rapists.the defense lawyer points out again that there’s no solid evidence that they are the rapists,instead of one of them. He asks if they have any. urmi is shocked at his callousness and hypocrisy.he says that there’s no evidence and that his client has been tortured mentally and physically unnecessarily. He asks the judge not to waste time in court, and let them be acquitted.

Ashwini says that she has an evidence, in the form of an eyewitness, Diya’s fiancee, Karan, and asks the permission to present him in the witness box. They are tense. urmi and anirudh wonders where karan and shaurya are, as if they don't reach on time, there would be huge trouble. Ashwini asks where’s karan, and urmi assures that he would be here in sometime.

Urmi eyes Diya helplessly.It's getting late and karan and shuriya still haven't arrived and all get tense. The defense lawyer says that there’s no solid evidence and it's just a waste of the court's room. And Urmi then says that he shall come. the judge asks her to speak through her counsel. Mrs. karmakar pleads for some more time, while the defense lawyer doesn't let her plead. The defense lawyer insists that due to lack of evidence, the judge should reject the case, and acquit his clients. Diya and urmi watch helplessly. Diya too pleads that karan might come anytime soon.

The defense lawyer asks how a fiancée can be late to his girlfriend's court hearing, and he would have been here if he had to. The judge is about to give his verdict, when urmi asks the counsel to demand for some more time. Ashwini then asks the court to study the case more thoroughly, for some more time. The judge allows, overruling the defense’s injections. He then insists that due to the lack of any solid evidence, incriminating his clients, they should be given bail. The judge agrees, while diya and Urmi haplessly, point out that these ghastly criminals can be left loose, so that they can molest other innocent women.

Ashwini doesn't make much of an effort. the judge gives them bail, while the rapists are amused. Diya is distraught. the judge gives the date for the second hearing and then adjourns the court. After all leave, the defense lawyer comes to diya tauntingly, and says that they shouldn't have gotten bail, but that is how the judiciary works. He furthermore points out the weak lawyer that she has got, who is satisfied with her goverment job and salary. He says that if they had worked a little, then the nations wouldn't have been in tatters. He leaves. Urmi comes and confronts the lawyer.Urmi asks the prosecutor how she could have let them get bail, and not said anything. she asks how she would have avoided it. urmi points out her incompetence, and says that she didn't make any effort, and that if this happens, they would lose the case, even before it starts. The lawyer keeps pointing that she did what she could. Anirudh says that urmi is right, and had she did not point out to demand for more time,they would have lost the case, on the defense lawyer’s persistence.

The lawyer says that's not her problem, as her evidence didn't turn up, and they are pointing accusing fingers at her. urmi says that there might have been some problem, and that she should have fought for it, but she gave up completely. The lawyer points that they rarely have a 20% chance, as is it, to win. Diya asks if she doesn't have any conviction, then how do they put their faith in her to win. She says that she doesn't have any other option, and asks her to suck it up, or else do whatever she wants to.She callously says that she got thousands of cases given by the govt to handle and that she cant put in more effort than this. she leaves.

Diya is appalled, as she wipes her tears. She comes down the witness box, keeping a brave face, and then Urmi comes to her support. Urmi says that the condition she is in, a woman has been fighting and losing for centuries like this,but she wont let history repeat, but they would create history by winning this case, and bringing her justice, hugging her, while both are in tears. Anirudh is emotional too.Obviously to all this, Shaurya arrives hurriedly in his car, with karan casually and carelessly lagging behind. He nudges Karan to hurry along.he is surprised to find diya, urmi and anirudh out of the courtroom. he asks what about the hearing. urmi says that it's over.karan is amused. Urmi asks what took them so long,and tells them what happened due to their delay.Shaurya is appalled. Anirudh asks how could shaurya be so irresponsible. He is about to speak, when karan says that shaurya’s car broke down. Urmi asks why couldn't they take an auto. shaurya stands quiet, while karan keeps giving excuses. Shaurya goes outside in anger. Karan assures diya that next time he would handle everything in court. diya stands tensed. urmi comes to shaurya and asks if he actually got late, or there’s something else.While karan tries to appease diya, at a distance, Shaurya narrates everything. urmi is disgusted, and says that she knows what to do with him. Shaurya says that to get Karan to agree, he would have to comply. They are tense.

Shaurya walks into Awaz's office, chiku comes and asks How was the first hearing? shaurya says that it went terribly. He then asks chiku to get one of the reporters to schedule an interview. Chiku asks who they have to interview, and is shocked when she hears that it's Karan. shaurya says that they have to build his image as an actor. Chiku is boggled and keeps asking questions as to why. Shaurya gets angry, while asking chiku to just get it done. Chiku is boggled and asks why they should do this for him?.

He clarifies that they are doing this for diya,and then talks about the condition that karan shall give his witness, only if they make his image as an actor. chiku says that this is blackmailing, but shaurya says that they have no other option. Chiku is tense.

At Gaurav’s residence While all sit, Nupur gets a customer’s call, and then excuses herself to take calls. Once aside,she hollers why is he calling. He talks about a hefty clientele, paying her thrice the money,which would be good for her, and she has to come at eight. nupur thinks that the money could come in handy for the next few months, and tries to find a way to sneak out for sometime in the night. The doorbell rings and chiku comes in. He says that he got free early.

Asha is happy. He says that he has got movie tickets for everyone. Nupur is busy with her phone. Gaurav is tensed about Nupur, as she is socially weird. But chiku says that it's good, since this shall be a good outing for her.Asha tells this to nupur happily. who thinks that this shall be the perfect escape plan. Asha asks what she's thinking. nupur starts faking a stomach ache, and asha tags along, saying that she too shall not go. Chiku says that movie tickets shall go waste, and nupur insists that they should all go. they comply. Nupur is happy that now she can get her business done.

At Urmi’s residence Shaurya asks Urmi that if she studies law,Urmi then replies to him yes. He then tells Urmi to fight Diya's case. Everyone is surprised, while urmi is set to thinking. She asks how this can be.Shuriya says that he has a degree too. anirudh too likes the idea, and says that she can fight the case well as she has done law, after ishaan went, and gone through his entire library. Sandhya too supports. urmi says that she only passed the exam, but she has not practised law before. Damini comments on diya's condition, that she feels Pity for her, that a totally inexperienced lawyer shall fight for her justice.Anirudh asks her to stop if she can't encourage them.Diya too agrees that no one can be better than her. Urmi is hesitant, while the others have full confidence and trust in her. Anirudh asks her to have faith in herself and her efficiency. Urmi points out that the victim can't hire a lawyer by the rules. Shaurya says that there definitely must be a way out and asks her to search for it. anirudh asks her to file an affidavit through her NGO, as trying won't hurt, and it would be good if they accept. doya says that she too wants this, as urmi would leave no stone unturned to get her justice.urmi is determined, and says that if possible,she would get her justice, as she knows when she gets justice, that would embolden many other girls, to get justice. all are happy for her and diya. urmi is set to thinking. damini glares tensedly. Shaurya says that they are with her,and if no one else, she would get diya justice.

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