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How Mercy of BBNaija Built An Empire From Stones Thrown At Her. (Pictures)

There is a saying that goes, 'People will throw stones at you. Don't throw them back. Collect them all and build an empire'. This was exactly what Mercy Eke, winner of Big Brother Naija Season Four, did.

So, by now, I believe you all must have learnt your lessons the hard way. The trolling seem to have died down a notch. I am guessing you all did not anticipate the sudden turn of events.

Trolling is over, so it is time to cash out!

Now when you run a foul of the highlight that is Mercy "Lambo" Eke, she makes you choke on your words.

Take notes, guys because this is how you shut down unrepentant trolls.

The statement the BBN winner made during the pilot episode of her show Mercy & Ike, "I Just Wanna Relass And Be Taken Kiaruff", instantly became an instant phrase and a trending hot topic in the entertainment world as internet trolls feasted on it, dragging the winner all over social media with extremely funny memes which came with the trolling.

Well, the same phrase is now a "Money Maker" as Mercy decided to leverage on the craze and fame that came with it by launching her brand new line of casual clothing which sold out in five hours upon release.

A confirm Igbo girl, that Mercy. The idea was to not see it coming, and it legit worked.

The phrase was so popular and catchy that Rita Dominic used it to caption one of birthday pictures this past Sunday. I admit that I thought she was intentionally poking the bear on that one.

So Mercy keeps going viral, and she knows how to put the screws on a venture. And I love that she carries Diane along. They both seem to be pretty close.

Well done Lambo! Get that money, babe!

Haters be hating while she is cashing out!!

I think Venitta had the time of her life more than the celebrant during this photoshoot.

I'm like, "Babe, have fun, but not so much. This is still Mercy's party. And she's the belle of the ball".

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