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4 Lies That Movies Taught You To Believe

When you go to the cinema or you're sitting on the couch in your living room watching TV you probably learn a thing or two from the movie you've watched. However, there are some things you still believe or learn from movies that are probably CGI effects or are made up. Without any further ado, here are 4 blockbusters lies that left many of us believing over the years to be true.

1. You Can Safely Walk Away From An Explosion

Pretty much in most action movies our heroes or villains walk away from an explosion that blows away cars and buildings into smithereens and debris as if nothing has happened. But realistically an explosion can cause a concussive force wave that is sure to throw you away or even sure to break your bones.

2. Silencers Makes No Noise

Silencers do reduce that unnervingly loud noise from a going off gun but not as much as we have it in the movies. According to research, using a gun with a silencer on can still do serious damage to your hearing. So it's still advisable to use ear protection when using a gun with a sound compressor on.

3. Bombs Have Countdown Timers

Movies have makes us believe that most bombs have countdown timers and we have come to believe that this is realistic. However, in real-life situations, bombs are either manually triggered by a switch or detonated using a device like a cell phone. Rigorously, some planted bombs are even set up without any knowledge as to when they'll detonate.

4. You Can Move On With A Flesh Wound With No Consequences

Actors are often hurt in blockbuster films and sometimes get their limbs or hands severed. Nevertheless, they still keep portraying their characters making us feel that it's safe to stay for a while severely injured without quick medical attention. In reality, though, getting a flesh wound without medical treatment can lead to bleeding out to death.

Which one of these myths were you taught to believe? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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