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You Can't Help But Laugh After Reading This Extremely Funny Story

I have been tricking bike men all my life, just because my house in the village is very close to a cemetery.

Once I climb the bike, I will stuff cottonwool in my nostrils and when we get to the front of the cemetery, i will just fall down. the bike man will have no choice but to run for his dear life. One fateful day, After the day's hustle, I climbed a bike as usual, then stuffed the cottonwool in my nostrils. On getting to the cemetery, i did as usual but to my surprise, the bikeman did not run. He was there looking at me. I acted like a ghost trying to scare him away but to no avail. Then I asked him don't you fear ghost, but the man was like "give me my money, do you think I'm a fool. I then said okay, follow me into the cemetery, and he followed me. I was shocked.

Well, as a smart guy, I just walked to a grave, knocked on it and said “Bro, please do you have ₦200, give me I want to give one stubborn bikeman here.

BOOM! a hand bust out from the ground holding N200 note, saying “This is my last card, make sure you return it"

My brothers and sisters, Temple run activated! I don't even know when I started running, infact i didn't know when I passed my village, the bikeman was no where to be found. Whenever, I pass that cemetery, I normally see one leg of my Gucci shoe I dropped while running. It’s not that I can’t go and pick it, just that I don’t really like Gucci products again. I can't kill myself.

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