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Opinion: Instagram Nude Dancers You Are A Big Shame And Disgrace To Your Parents And The Society

It's better these Instagram nude dancers knew the effect of the characters they exhibit in our society as a whole, and how they may be tarnishing the image of their parents as many of them do not care when displaying their illicit behaviours.

I have tried to understand the essence of why a woman would come on social media to display such an irritating act without taking the time of considering long time effect/repercussions it could have on themselves, their parents and their children all because of little change and very worthless recognition. 

They portray themselves as cam models, escorts, promoters, advertising agents etc. when their videos posted only indicates they are mere cheap adult content entertainers. If you wish to dance nude, register in/on an adult entertainment platform and stop spreading or promoting corrupt and disgusting practices to our underage children who sometimes stray to platforms such as Instagram and the likes of it.

Do you ever think the you will get married someday? You should, even though you may have limited your chances of achieving that by exposing your sense of irresponsibility to the world. The truth is many of you which I know do not have partners and it's because of your lifestyle, i know you do not care about relationships now but trust me you will and by then it would have been too late for you, maybe.

How about your kids? Have you ever thought of the effect your actions may cause them? No you don't, but the fact is that many of those videos posted end up in millions of archives, saved their till eternity and even if you decided to totally accept God or what ever religion your past will continue to hunt you. You are the type that calls for deliverance every now and then after destroying your selves over coins.

You shatter homes and marriages and think yours won't be shattered? Think again! I am not saying you should desist totally from entertaining your patrons, NO, but please always apply some amount of decency by not going almost completed nude only to draw attention and to gain followers.

For over 5 years since you have been dancing nude, how many mansions have you bought? How many schools have you built? Or how many private jets have you bought? Yet, you have shamed your parents and keep constituting nuisance all over social medial, most especially on platforms that are not meant for such.

To the few of you who are married, you think I don't know you married your husband rather the reverse which is the proper way by tradition and customs? For how long will you continue to embarrass your self on social media, and telling the whole world how irresponsible you are.

What moral lessons are you contributing to the society? What are your contributions to the society? Other than shaming your parents who tried to provide all they could for you, yet you reward them with public disgrace and shame. To many of you who insult your parents for advising you against these illicit behaviours remember your own day may come when you have your own kids. If your parents lived such a life as yours do you think you would exist? Maybe yes and maybe no, No one knows.

I constantly wish Instagram as well as many other social media platforms could just ban these self acclaimed cam models as it would do a whole lot of good to our society and also stop the misuse of Many social media platforms.


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