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Dangerous Things Wives Are Doing That Are Affecting The Family

"A wise wife build her own family but the foolish one destroys it." Which one are you?

If your house us always on fire over small or big issues, you need to check yourself as a wife because you could be the one causing the whole trouble. Many families today have been destroyed today simply because of negligence and lack of paying attention by wives to stop doing bad things that have potential to destroy their families.

Today, we will highlight common but dangerous attitudes many wives reapetedly express that are affecting their families. Here are they.

1) Being ungrateful. Appreciate your husband's effort because that alone is an encauragement to him. Learn to be thankful.

2) Visiting so-called prophets, pastors and native doctors in order to find a way if making your husband love. You are wrong! Husbands just like you have needs. Just Identify what he loves and do it the love for you will flow naturally.

3) Insulting and condemning your husband. It is wrong to treat your husband like your age mate. You must pray for good things and not bad because you are part of him.

4) Not recognizing his position. Some wives turn their homes into something else. They take the position of the head and want everyone in the family to do what they say. Don't be proud and arrogant. Respect his divine position.

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5) Denying your husband in bed. Understand that your body is no longer yours but his. Their is no point in denying your husband in bed. Allow him to make love with you.

6) Comparing your husband with another. It's unwise to compare your husband with another person. You've married him and you belong to each other. Work at changing yourselves instead of comparing yourself with someone else.

7) Revealing your family's secret to outsiders. Never try this again else you destroy your family completely.

8) Never cheat on your husband.

9) Never shout at him.

10) Never disrespect his parents - do otherwise.

11) Never tell lies to your husband for whatever reason.

If wives take these things out of their lives, they are on the way to building their families otherwise they are using their hands to destroy it. Take a deliberate step to build your family by searching your life to remove anything unwanted.

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