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Fancy Acholonu Highlighted The Career She Would Want to Pursue in Her Next Life

While it is said that it is never late for someone to pursue a career, one person that might not be interested in such saying is Fancy Acholonu, after she disclosed the career she would want to pursue in her next life by stating thus, '' In my next life, I want to be a Doctor, What would you want to be? Or are you already pursuing your dream? She Inquired on Instagram.

While Fancy Acholonu looks like she is throwing a random question, it seems she is more serious that people could imagine, as she was dressed in a medical doctor costume while she threw the question to her online fans, Fancy who is a fashion entrepreneur must really admire the life-saving profession, as it is written all over her judging by her appearance.

While many people might opine that Fancy is such a young person and can pursue a career in medicine by the side with her Fashion business still going on, it is important for those who bear such thoughts to realize that studying medicine is a course that requires utmost attention in order to get the required grades and qualifications that will result to a person becoming a medical doctor in the future, which could be a factor that is deterring her from towing that line, leaving it for a wish to do in her next life.

It is good to see that Fancy has a passion for the old profession which is responsible for saving a lot of lives, there has always been that side of her that suggest she will favor medicine, as she is an advocate for good healthy via her post that usually display her in exercising gears indulging in one firm of physical activities or the other, which is part of what a person who thinks about health tends to do.

Images credit: Fancy Acholonu Instagram page and Google.

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