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9 Movie Mistakes You Must Have Totally Missed Out On

Movies are a escape from reality but most of us often forget that those making or starring in the movies are humans too. Their life, much like ours, is filled with a lot of mistakes and trust us, these nine images are scenes that are going to show you exactly how. High chances you would want to go back and watch these films all over again!


This sci-fi horror is bound to keep you at the edge of the seat throughout the film but the one that stands out as a clear mistake or perhaps a grave error is when the android David seems to be fully aware of the exact container size of the alien embryo. This embryo is perfectly or coincidentally sized to hold humans!


Thor Ragnarok is all about action and mythological drama and we love it, now don't we? But there is one tiny error in here. In a stunt where Thor strikes Loki towards a group of guards, there is one little mistake. The guards are dragged along without actually being hit. Missed it? Go on watch it again!


Spiderman has our heart, well most of ours atleast. However, in Spiderman Homecoming there is a little thing that perfectionist Robert Downey Jr. seemed to have missed. A ship tears apart and just like that, seamlessly gets fixed by the Ironman. In a normal world the water would have gotten into the ship and it would have sunk big time. But guess in Peter Parkers world miracles do happen!


Vin Diesel's Furious series has us all on the edge of the seats thats for sure. But in the Fate of the Furious, there is one little thing that happens. The climax on the ice is epic but don't know how in the movies, Diesel manages to define basic natural science and maintains such a high speed, without so much as skidding through ice. For a change, some reality would be nice!


Imagine a really good action sequence and the climax of a scene unfolding, the audience is at the edge of their seats and then someone spots an extra or more like an unprecedented element in the scene. Thats what happened here - in the Haitian airport scene there are sweepers in the background, going about their business as usual!


One of the refreshing marvel movies is this Ant Man. Everything about it was liked by all. Except till we noticed this little error. Ant-Man gets in to the pipes, one can see that the pipes don’t have the writings inside, neither the welds are close together nor are they inside the pipe.


A bunch of mistakes in this one - from Jyn running faster than the spaceship to stormtropper dying twice. Located in the capital city of Jedah that is heavily occupied by the empire. Stormtroppers enter and one of them blasts from one end only to come back again. Yes the camera cuts twice and this dude is back fighting. Editing error or simply neglect?


Everyone knows props are used during stunt sequences and in general during the filming of movies. However there is no reason to show them in the frame. Like when it happens in this one - Luke climbs up the thermal detonator and then there is giant leap. But you will spot a prop if you look closely that was used to push the model of the walker


Bunch of mistakes in this one too. The Amazonians lack of underarm hair, waterproof notebooks, continuity errors, writing errors and bad production checks - the list is long but we hope you get it. There are so many elements in the film that are way ahead of their time and every time we watch this now , these mistakes are going to be so visible!

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