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The Ebira New Era; A glance at the yearnings of the new generation

The era of gun shots and unnecessary Violence is over.

The era of political tussle that has brought us nothing but setback is over.

We want a new generation of young people in Ebiraland with business ideas.

Not those ones that will be mixing tramadol on lacasera bottle.

We are tired of seeing Ebira guys turning themselves into political thugs.

We are tired of seeing Ebira ladies dropping their contacts in hotels for sex contract.

Me, I want to see our ladies on National TV.

People have seen our faces enough on Facebook.

It is time for Ebira youths to appear on channel TV.

We want to open the page of newspapers and see the positive impacts of Ebira youths.

We want to hear Ebira names on the national broadcasting stations not just TAO and Jatoo FM.

We want to see that Ebira person that will write books and attract thousands readers?...

We want to see that Ebira person that will invent what will attract the world attention.

In this era, We don't want to see Ebira persons being paraded as kidnappers and arm-robbers

We want that Ebira person that has business idea that will last over time like Dangote.

In this era, we want to see that Ebira person that will attract multinational companies to Ebiraland.

Enebeni-Ami (my brother), We need people that will bring Ebiraland to the map of the world

That intelligent Ebira person that will project the name of Ebiraland positively to the world.

Ebiraland is bigger and better than Otuoke where Goodluck Jonathan came from.

It is not forbidden if Ebiraland produce the future Nigeria President.

Onyeiza Ami (my sister), I know you are beautiful, but we need someone to let the world know that there is a tribe called Ebira.

Is like you don't know that 60-70% population of Nigeria don't know there is a tribe called Ebira.

We want that Ebira person that will take over fashion industry.

We want that Ebira person that will takeover Nigeria music industry like Wizkid and Olamide.

Calabash film industry is trying I know, But We want to see many Ebira persons in Nollywood.

Is it not a crime if God makes the presidents of America and other nations to come to Ebiraland for tourism.

I'm not writing this as a celebrity but as a true son of Ebiraland who desires a change.

Some people have made other tribes to have a negative mindset about Ebira people because of the past happenings.

That is what we want to rewrite in this era...

In this era, youths won't carry guns to kill themselves for any selfish politician.

We know we can never win with guns, we can only win with Brain.

In this era, one can support APC and the other SDP or PDP and the friendship will still remain intact.

Is this era, no youth will participate in any inter-clan conflict. We are wise to know that EBIRA VONYA.

Is this era, we don't want any religious conflict. It has never help any tribe and Ebiraland won't be an exception.

They have done these in the past but in this new era, we won't.

Ebiras are Special breed of people and is high time we let the world know.

We shouldn't allow the next generation to inherits this bad image and mindset people have about us.

Let's stand up and show the world that we are not what they think we are.

Ebiraland is blessed

Ebiras are good people...

I have not seen any tribe as nice and accomdating like Ebira people...

Ebiras are wonderful people.

Brothers and sisters, let together make the world know our uniqueness.

(Special credit to George Christmode)

Signed - Sir Nelson

Content created and supplied by: SirNels (via Opera News )

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