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6-year-old boy needed more than 90 stitches after saving his sister from dog attack

Bridger Walker, a six years old boy saved his little sister from the attack of a dog. He reportedly swung into action, when a German Shepherd mischarged towards his four years old sister, he jumped shielding his sister from the dog, and got a brutal attack from the German Shepherd that latched onto his cheeks.

Bridger, subsequently underwent a 2- hour surgery, where he had over 90 stitches done on him. His father, out of curiosity asked Bridger why he jumped in, to save his little sister and his reply shocked people. Bridger said I thought if someone should die it should be me. what a selfless heart, this heroic deed of his, has spread far and wide and even got the attention of C.N.N. He got praises from all parts of the world through social media platforms. Even our own broda shaggi, commented calling him a legend, below are screenshots of comment on Instagram.

Well isn't just the definition of bravery and selflessness, I give it to him.

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