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5 Foreign Countries that speak Yoruba.

Yoruba is a language homes in the southwestern part of Nigeria. The Yoruba was the cultural force on Southern, Northern and Eastern Nigeria as far back as the 11th Century. The Yoruba are among the most urbanized people in Africa. but do you know that Yoruba is not national language, yoruba is widely spoken language outside Nigeria and Africa.

In this article I'm listing 5 foriegn countries that speaks Yoruba language and practice their transitional belief.

1. El Salvador

Located in North America , they cherish Yoruba language alot.

The country do exactly everything Yoruba people do in Yoruba land, they worship sango, god of thunder, iyemoja god of water.

2. Cuba

Cuba is the second smallest country in the world also home yoruba indigine in their country.

Yoruba is mostly spoken in the black side of the country.

3. Brazil

Brazil appears to be one of the countries that home procedessor of the victims of slave trade.

Brazil has the largest number of yoruba indigiene abroad. It made an official language in the country.

4. United kingdom

Since the British colonized Nigerian, it is Worthy note that Yoruba indigiene are high population in this country.

5. Caribbean island

There are many Yoruba indigiene in Caribbean island till date. Music entertainer tar said that the yoruba in the country play and enjoy in the country play and enjoy their Traditional songs.

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