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3 Nigerian Celebrities That Became More Popular Because Of Controversies And Scandals

People get into the entertainment industry through different ways. The fact that one is in the industry is no guarantee that he or she would be popular. So entertainers engage in different methods to get more popular and stay relevant.

However, the irony is that some of them don't care about how this is achieved as long as they get the desired result.

In this article, I will be talking about 3 Nigerian celebrities that became more popular due to controversies and scandals.

Let's take a look at them

1. Cossy Ojiakor

Cossy Ojiakor is a Nigerian actress , producer and singer who came to limelight after featuring in a music video by Fuji artiste Obesere.

Right from the beginning of her career, the actress has been surrounded with endless controversies. Rather to be known for her acting or singing career, she is more known for flaunting her large bosoms across the social media.

In almost all she does, including her music videos, she displays her big bosoms in a way that leaves little to the imagination which has made her to be highly controversial over the years.

Throughout her career to date, she has been surrounded by endless controversies and scandals which have made her more popular and the irony is that, she doesn't seem to care what anyone says about her.

2. Bobrisky

Idris Okuneye popularly known as Bobrisky is a Nigerian cross-dresser and internet sensation.

If you say he is one of the most controversial Nigerian celebrities presently, you will be hitting the nail on the head. Bobrisky came to limelight as a cross-dresser. Before, he came to limelight, he was once caught as a cross-dresser in the public and was disgraced as he was exposed as a man when he used satchet of water as his breasts. When he just came to limelight, he was not as wild as he is now.

Over the years, Bobrisky that was once a dark-skinned man suddenly became very fair before our eyes. The irony is that he doesn't hide the fact that he bleached his skin and even goes as far as selling bleaching creams.

Her bleaching generated a lot of controversies over the years. As if her bleaching was not enough, he switched from wearing male clothes and started wearing female clothes with artificial female body parts as well as a female hairdo and full makeup.

The cross-dresser seems to thrive on controversies as they surround him like sand on a beach. He has received various attacks from trolls and cyberbullies as well as fellow celebrities. However, he is always ready to attack anyone that dares crosses his path. His endless controversies has in no small measure made him very popular.

3. James Brown

James Brown is a Nigerian cross dresser, dancer and internet sensation.

Brown's rise to fame started when he was arrested alongside 56 other boys at a party in Egbeda, Lagos. They were arrested because they were suspected to have been involved in gay activities which is against Nigerian laws.

James Brown was particularly singled out amongst the boys because of a statement "They did not caught me," which he made during his arrest. The statement went viral and some people used it to make meme across the social media as well as in music videos.

That seemingly ordinary statement started his journey to fame. Within a short while, the cross dresser became bolder and started wearing female attire, female hairdo as well as full make up and started flaunting himself across the social media. Despite several insults hauled at him as he was body-shamed severally and called all sorts of derogatory names, it didn't seem to deter him.

Before our very eyes, his social media followers started increasing and he started getting endorsement deals. Brown has been very controversial within the short period he found fame. He even gave himself the title Princess of Africa.

Arguably, he was inspired by Bobrisky to come out as a cross-dresser. Brown and Bobrisky used to be friends but have now become sworn enemies as they have exchanged bitter words across social media. Undoubtedly, controversies have made Brown more popular and he seems to take delight in it

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