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See pictures of a room that stirred reactions online

Relationship is the younger brother of marriage. When in relationship, there are things that lovers overlook but not in marriage. A lady can talk in a more hash ways to a guy she is in a relationship with without the guy saying a word. But once the relationship is heading towards marriage, the language must change.

A lady on Facebook, Eternal Joy Ify Nwedo posted picture of a Room and asked if any lady can agree to date someone who is living in such room.

As expected, some ladies said yes, they can date such a man of which some guys thinks those ladies who said yes we're just pretending.

what are the things in this room, puts, cooker, iron, clothes on the floor and other things.

In my opinion, I think for a young man living in this kind of room and be thinking of dating will delay him in life because any little money he has, instead of using it to go higher, he might want to impress the lady and waste it. It is better for such a person to focus on being better for now.

There is a general saying that love is blind but marriage will open your eyes.

But in the comments section was a man who said some of them started life like the room in Lagos State and that today, things have turned.

Looking at the room above again, can you date a guy living here and would you advice someone living in such a room to date a lady?

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